About us

AS Driving School was established in 2002. The school is located in the heart of Copenhagen, Østerbro, right across Fælleparken playground area.
We are recognised for organising quick courses for driving license category B, so that students have a chance to obtain a driving license in the shortest possible time and thereby avoid extra costs and time waste.

Many years of experience, and tusindes of satisfied students allowed os to recognize that the driving license should be taken quickly, effectively in shortest possible time Our teaching schedule is flexible and can be adjusted – hereby students’ expectations in learning process are met and their daily obligations are not affected.

Our speciality is a 4 weeks quick course regardless of if the driving license needs to be taken from the beginning, exchanged from another country or simply recovered. Through the course theory lessons and practical lessons are offered on daily basis. Students develop and improve their skills constantly by accomplish easier to more difficult task.

Courses are offered in both Danish and English.