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AS Køreskole International was founded in 2001 by driving instructor Andrija Seslija. The school is placed in heart of Copenhagen, Østerbro, right across playground Area of Fælledparken.

Our main aim is to teach you as quick as possible so that driving license is obtained in shortest possible time, extra costs are avoided and teaching experience meets your expectations. We believe that driving licenses should be taken quickly, efficiently and that the teaching is flexible so that your daily obligations are not affected.

Teaching methods are adapted to the students’ needs and their level in the course – students are constantly led from an easier to more difficult task. Our specialty is 4 weeks intensive course where theory and practical lessons are offered on daily basis regardless of if driving license needs to be taken from the starch, exchange from another country or simply recovered.

If intensive course does not suits your demands then through the regular course individual plan can be made.

Theory teaching is offered every evening from 17:00 – 20:00 and in our opening hours students can meet our instructors if additional help is needed. The theory teaching is unlimited meaning that the students are free to attend theory lessons as long as they need to.

Practical teaching takes part on the different roads and meeting points/places can be arranged with the instructor. Students also practice within the area where the driving test takes place –

so that they become familiar with the area of testing. In the case that there are no test spots in Copenhagen we make extra effort so that the students can take test elsewhere around Copenhagen.

Feel free to contact us at any time either by phone, sms or e-mail.

We look forward to see you in school.

AS Køreskole International