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Quick Course

  • Quick course 4 weeks
  • Quick course is like a normal course but in less time
  • Intensive and purpose-oriented teaching that aims to give you a driver’s license in the shortest possible time
  • Course content
  • Unlimited theory teaching
  • Class teaching and evaluating theory tests
  • 4 driving lessons on maneuvering track
  • Renting of maneuvering track, car and insurance
  • 16 driving lessons of 45 min. on the road
  • 4 driving lessons at the vehicle engineering facility

Rental of technical track, car and insurance The prerequisite for meeting the theoretical and practical test is approval of the application from the citizen service which requires the following.

  • Medical certificate
  • One piece. Approved passport photo (to be brought to the doctor)
  • Health insurance card.
  • Certificate of undergone road-related first aid course.

If you are not a Danish citizen, you must also submit a copy of your work or residence permit.