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If you have a driving license from either an EU country or Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein, you can use it in Denmark. You can choose to have it swapped for a Danish EU driver’s license without having to take a driving test if you are resident in Denmark.

The driver’s license can also be exchanged for a Danish driver’s license without a controlled driving license if it is issued in Australia Capitol Territory, Brazil, Japan, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Republic of Korea (South Korea), Russia, Switzerland or Ukraine, but you must bring a medical certificate issued by your own doctor.

Other foreign driving licenses can only be exchanged after a verifying driving test.

Where do you get the driver’s license?

You must contact a citizen service center in one of the country’s municipalities to exchange your foreign driver’s license for a Danish driver’s license.

  • a medical certificate issued by your own physician
  • A photograph
  • your driver’s license
  • a valid passport.

If you are not a Danish or Nordic citizen, you must bring a valid residence permit (or residence permit if you are an EU citizen).

Citizens’ Services may also require a translation of your driver’s license. The translation must be issued by a translator or a translator approved by the National Police.

If you do not have a valid passport, you must bring your original baptismal, name or birth certificate as well as photo ID.

Lending in Denmark

If you are a foreigner with a temporary residence in Denmark, you can use an international driver’s license or a valid foreign driver’s license. If you don’t, you can get a tourist driver’s license issued.