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Practical test

Exam documents:

  • Application of license
  • Lesson plan
  • Yellow card
  • Residence permit
  • Passport
  • Previously issued license (only license exchange students)

Driving test:

Practical test takes 25-45 min. Police examiner evaluates your driving knowledge, skills and behaviour in traffic. During the test, the police examiner is allowed to ask you to perform any aspect of driving: right or left turning, lane change, driving in roundabout, driving on the highway, u-turn, 3-point turn, parking etc. The police examiner will also evaluate your response to traffic signs, speed limits, orientation, placement on the road, duties etc. Immediately after test completion the police examiner informs student if test is passed or failed.

Temporary license:

If the test is passed, the police examiner issues a temporary driving license. With this license you are allowed to drive in Denmark as well as in all Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Faroe Islands). In case of driving abroad it is required that person poses International Driving License which is issued in Citizen Service (Borgerservice). Temporary license normally applies only until student receives the correct license (sent by mail within two weeks after passing of practical test).