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License recovery

We add the speed in the recovery process.

For drivers with license for more then 3 years


If police has a reason to assume that a driver no longer meets conditions for having driving license than the police is entitled to remove/ keep the license or ask the driver to do controlling test (both theory and practical tests).

Due to the size of traffic violation license can be lost conditionally and unconditionally. 

When the traffic low is violated then the financial fee is issued and penalty point in form of a clip is given. A single clip is given if a driver puts others into danger. 3 clips within a period of 3 years lead to conditional license loss.  

Police requires ANT -kursus if the license is lost due to alcohol, use of narcotics or strong medicin. 

Driving license is recovered after after passing of theory and practical exam. 


Driving ban – drivers with license less then 3 years


If due to specific traffic violations the license is lost by a person who has a license less than 3 years then the person is granted with either driving ban or unconditional license loss. 

In the case of driving ban there is a requirement for special driving lessons which include at least 8 theory lessons and 8 practical lessons.
The period for teaching cannot be less than 8 days.  

This type of teaching puts a specific focus on following areas: 

– Behaviour in traffic

– Ground rules for car driving

– Road manuvers

– Specific risk conditions

Police requires ANT -kursus if the license is lost due to alcohol, use of narcotics or strong medicin. The license is recovered after passing of theory and practical test.

Covid – 19 regler 🇩🇰

Under undervisningen samt med til prøverne skal du have med:

Negativ Covid – 19 test (max 72 timer gammel)
Husk at holde afstand

Covid – 19 rules 🇬🇧

During the teaching and under exams students must bring:

Face mask
Negative Covid – 19 test (not older then 72 h)
Remember to keep social distance