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Good advice once picking driving school:

It’s time to learn to drive. Thereupon, it’s important to choose a good driver school, the one that have the best fleet of vehicles and good teachers; the most important is that the school should be accredited. Many people believe that driving a car is the easiest thing in the world, maybe it could be, but there are some things you should take into consideration, a good driver should be aware of concepts like driving safety, traffic laws, traffic signals, roadway signs and even how vehicles are equipped, all this knowledge about driving should be provided by your teachers in driving lessons.

Expensive to buy it cheap:

– It is important to pick the school that will teach you how to drive safely.
– As a new driver, you have to ensure that the teaching is qualitative.
– High price competition among the driving schools often leads to errors in teaching.

Listen to the recommendations from others:

It is always a good idea to listen to the others’ recommendations – if you know someone that has been happy for its driving instructor/school then it is likely that you will be too.

Talk to the instructor:

Taking driving license involves trust. Therefore, it is a good idea to talk to the instructor before you even start taking lessons. Make sure that the instructor seems serious and pleasant.

What does the price include?

Number of driving schools offer a start package. Make sure that you figure out what the package includes. If for instance if package includes compulsory lessons that are required by law before you become entitled to do the exam. Otherwise the process of taking the license can become costly then necessary.

You can change the instructor along the way:

You can be unlucky and not satisfied with teaching system or a method that certain driving school or the instructor provides. You are always entitled to change the instructor or school.


If you are not satisfied with your driving teaching process you complain to the “Board for Appeals for driving teaching” – “Ankenævn for køreundervisning”. It only costs 50 Kr. to complain.
If you win the case money that you invested into your license will be returned to you.

Driving teaching law requirements

Please check if the teaching satisfies following requirements:

  • The course has to follow teaching curriculum
  • Check the curriculum on the police’s official website
  • Theoretical teaching and practical teaching have to complement each other
  • All students that take theory teaching have to be at same level
  • Teaching is based on pictures/illustrations so that the students can be trained in judging in different traffic situations
  • First practical lessons has to be done at the Closed Area track
  • Practical teaching includes driving on the highway, express road and driving in dark