Traffic accidents occur on daily basis. Consequences are either physical or psychological, often with damaging results. Therefore, it is important,
that you as a driver know how to give first aid – and thereby save lives.

General information
  • The course is obligatory.
  • Must be completed prior to before practical exam.
  • Course duration is 8 hours.
  • Certificate is valid for 2 years.
What will you learn
  • How to stop an traffic accident and prevent further injuries.
  • How to revive a person that can’t breath.
  • How to use a heart-starter.
  • First aid in bleeding and burns type of injuries
How to act at an accident scene
  • Evaluate condition of injured.
  • Decide up on degree of help needed.
  • Emergency allocation of a injured.
  • First Aid for frequent injuries: bleeding, neck/back injuries and bone fracturing.