The best place to take practical test is the area that you have been practicing at.

General information:

The purpose with driving exam is for the examiner to judge whether the student have acquired knowledge and skills, as well as the behavior that is required and which is a condition for obtaining a driving license. Practical exam must be completed at latest 18 months after the theory exam is passed.


Practical exam is divided into two parts:

1: Technical part where technical conditions are checked.
2: Practical driving in which the police are testing the student’s behaviour in traffic.

– Duration of practical driving is up to 50 min. The examiner evaluates student’s driving knowledge and skills.
– During the the exam examiner can request a student to perform any part of curriculum: right turn, left turn, lane change,
driving in roundabout, highway, 3-point turn, parking etc.
– The police examiner will also evaluate student’s response to traffic signs, speed limits, orientation, positioning on the road, duties etc.
– Immediately after test the evaluation is given: passed or failed.

  • Application of license
  • Lesson plan
  • Yellow card
  • Passport
  • Residence permit
Temporary license:

Once the practical exam is passed temporary license is issued. This license is given while the Citizen service is producing a real license in the form of a card. Temporary license can be used in Denmark as well as other Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Faroe Islands).


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